Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big week blog...

If it gets any busier around here I'm changing the name of this blog to the big news week blog.
In two days our staff has covered a dozen dramatic spot news stories. Unreal. Here's the quick rundown:
Plane crash, man rescued from burning truck, city council fires top administrator, landmark mill burns, stock car driver dies during practice, a motorcyclists killed after hitting a pick-up head on and a 10-wheeled dump truck breaking through a bridge, landing sideways in a creek. Not to mention a mountain rescue of an injured hiker and another fire at a local lumber mill. That's nearly a year's worth of breaking news in two days and I'm wondering what kind of cycle we are in. For three weeks we gleefully lamented the lack of news.
The old saw, be careful of what you ask for could not ring more true. Here's one shot from today's action. I suspect we will have more before we have less.

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