Friday, January 15, 2010

Ka-ching, ka-ching meet Coo-coo Cachoo

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There was zigging and zagging on the competing casino campaigns this week in Maine.

First we learned that another partner in the Lewiston venture was going to "out" himself in a guest editorial Sunday.

That news sent us searching for the other alleged partners -- of 5 we know of 3 now including a doctor, a former politician and now apparently a lawyer on hiatus. The other two we are told include an elderly person and Zoro. I made the Zoro part up, but doesn't it leave you wondering?

The Sun Journal's editorial on Monday suggests all those involved in the Lewiston plan should step forward.

From the Portland Press Herald last week we also got the news that a paid politico who formerly worked against casinos in Maine was now working for a casino campaign. A reversal of fortune, perhaps. The individual was soundly panned by his formerly colleague and praised by his new boss.

But the Oxford Campaign is very well-funded early on, besides paying $20,000 for gathering of signatures to get the question to voters and $15,000 for lawyers.

The campaign is sitting on a $400,000 campaign war chest. I checked the numbers today, even though the state workers were furloughed there web sites and the public information available on them was open for business. Score one for the internet and open government in Maine.

Regardless this tale of two casino campaigns has become very interesting in this week and I suspect we will have two fully vetted proposals aired by November. Maine voters will get one more chance, one more roll of the dice, one more run for the roses -- insert your bad gambling cliche here --- in November.

I would suspect the campaigns will get very intriguing as we get closer to jackpot day.

Oh, just to keep it confusing the new campaign worker for the Oxford Casino's last name is Robinson. Likewise, the newly outed "partner" in the Lewiston venture has the surname Robinson.

Koo, koo, ka choo and ka ching, ka ching here's to you Mr. Robinsons.

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