Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fourth fireworks in question in L-A this year. #mepolitics #taxes #Maine

Budgets are tight and both councils say they may not have the $10,000 each for fireworks. Both cities are also already proposing property tax increases to make up for losses in state revenue sharing cut by the legislature this year. Here's the full report by Scott Taylor in today's Sun Journal. Peter (towns and cities) was robbed to pay Paul (the state) and now Peter can't have any fireworks on the Fourth. What's up with that?

There's also the point that had the cities taken the advice of the governor's office and looked harder to consolidate more services they would have more efficient operations by and savings on management and other overhead costs -- so they wouldn't be in this pinch in the first place.

A citizens' commission on this task worked long and hard and offered savings but both previous councils decided to ignore them.

We can put a poll out on this later today. E-mail question suggestions, if you have them, or comments.






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