Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snowe to Geithner today on jobs, jobs, jobs. "Where are the jobs?" #mepolitics

From the Sen. Snowe's release today on a Senate Finance Committee hearing examining the administration's proposed $90 billion tax on the financial industry:


“We can continue to talk about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ and say that we are taking steps to ensure our small businesses have access to credit and the resources they need to get back to work, but when the national unemployment rate has remained static at 9.7 percent for the past three months, I have to wonder what is really being done to break down the barriers to capital for our smaller firms and entrepreneurs,” said Senator Snowe while questioning Treasury Secretary Geithner. “So, I will ask you Mr. Secretary, where are the jobs?  How are we addressing the problem of credit on Main Street?”


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