Monday, August 30, 2010

Tough Mountain Challenge 2010. The rough edit and bad video.

This is my rather bad, but short, video -- about 1 minute long, from the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River. My goal was to shoot more of the obstacles but I got caught up in the spirit of the race and also was too whipped to think about pulling the Flip cam out of the plastic bag I had it in to save it from the mud and the water. Next year a waterproof case or cam with a some kind of headband mounting system. You got to have a goal.

Here's the three stories that we wrote about this race:

The mud, the blood and the beer.

Tough nut to crack; course lives up to its name.

Sunday River's grueling debut obstacle course race draws 197.


One by Staff Writer M. Dirk Langeveld who was a half second faster than I.

The winners of this thing, both men and women, were amazingly fit. It was 2.1 mile run but uphill and the 12 obstacles, of which you see about three, on this video, really zapped the energy out of you. Sunday River did an awesome job putting this race on for the first time and it should only get better and bigger over time.



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