Monday, June 28, 2010

That's Finn. Nice job buddy. Finn ran the kid's race during the LADU and he made the shot..

Finn's in the tie-dye t-shirt, everybody had a No. 1. what fun. Our team did pretty good too.   LADU.

Nic shot Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal




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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bud Light Lime? Really? Isn't that what veep drinks or one of those brews? Is that sketchy? #uppercheleonproductplacements

I found it only partially amusing that Rolling Stone is quoting McChrystal saying his favorite beer is Bud Lite Lime?


That seems only slightly implausible to me but wholly possible. A reporter today said that, in the end may be the general's biggest transgression, saying Bud Lite Lime was his favorite beer? Still, what a product placement that is.  I'm not criticizing the general or the beer but just saying. You know.  It's not what you expect the commandos to be drinking. The other interesting part of the story is Budweiser is now more or less owned by a French or maybe Belgium company -- google it -- again just saying. Odd switcheroo in Afghanistan. In the interim the Brits are in charge, which is probably actually not a wholly bad thing -- I wonder what the British dude's favorite brew is?




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New American gestapo emerges. Talk about scary. #policestate #scary

Should recording public servants, paid with state and federal taxes, at work be made illegal? That's what is occuring in three state's where it is now against the law to record police in the process of making an arrest -- seriously. Here's an interesting story from the perspective of what it means for journalists, but really what it means for the American people is concerning to me. Have we slipped this far?


Funny we haven't heard any Tea Party concern about this scary new trend. Also did anybody ever answer the question about where they were when rights of habeaus corpus were being suspended during the previous administration. I can't believe these three states that have adopted this law and would be very concerned to see how the sitting U.S. Supreme Court handles this. Freaky...

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Appears somebody has some 'splainin' to do. Talk about the hot seat. #afghanwar

News today about General McChrystal's comments to Rolling Stone has Washington in a buzz. Interesting story from the Associated Press on this issue.



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Friday, June 18, 2010

IPA in a can. Not bad.

This could bode well for Livingston plan for Lewiston craft brewry.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lots of federal attention and funding for offshore wind energy R&D #windenergy #maine

This is an interesting visit of an important cabinent-level official to Maine. The visit comes with some serious federal funding to help advance off-shore wind energy in the U.S.

Northeastern U.S. states are also working to streamline siting regulation for federal waters. If we can plop deep-water oil wells in federal waters without too much regulation why not wind energy -- ever here of a wind spill?  Here's the latest Sun Journal and AP report on Chu's visit to Orono.


This is a deep-water turbine as it was being installed in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. (Company file photo)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok the primaries are over but the news hasn't stopped

What a busy day even two days post election and we are "out straight" so to speak. The biggest story of interest for me today was the change in management at Saddleback which appears to be a friendly transition of power.  I find this story interesting, mainly because I'm a skier, but also because I think highly of Cook personally. He's a real Maine leader in both business and charity and a quiet but thoughtful man who has done a lot for the state and the community in Franklin County. Besides that he's a former Marine and a strong supporter of our veterans and an advocate for healthy outdoor activities for kids. The next big story will be what he does next. IMHO.

Saddleback along with Sugarloaf and Sunday River are among our gems here in Maine for skiing -- some of the best skiing in New England and me thinks the U.S. because I'm biased towards Maine but also because all three of these mountains are very family-friendly and all have outstanding Ski Patrols.  :)



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Saturday, June 5, 2010

At Taylor Pond Yacht Club

We had some fun at the pond today. Got a little naked too. :)

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't ask just watch....#sledgehammer

"I'll be your ....sledge hammer... this is the new stuff... come on, come on, come on ... help me dude..."


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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Svart in the garden jungle.

Hey. It's the jungle for him. Good kitty.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wind power from the Gaspe' to Maine. #mepolitics #mewind #greenenergy

We recieved a few messages from folks concerned we hadn't done enough to show the negatives of industrial wind energy in regards to the story of Gaspe' and the update on where Maine was headed. One complaint was the economics of wind energy was fully explored. Sun Journal Staff Writer Kathryn Skelton did an excellent two-part series on this precise issue and several related issues especiall they topic of subsidies for green energy.

You can read Kathryn's stories here and here.


Our weekend report on Gaspe' was meant to show a region that has been dealing with a wind energy build out for the last decade and how that region had become known as a leader in the field contrasted with the where Maine was at in it's efforts to carve out a slice of the green-energy pie.

The weekend stories can be found here and here.   I've recieved a good deal of feedback both positive and negative and also some good ideas for other stories in this genre, if you will.  We owe a great thank you to the people of Gaspe who helped us with this story and also the folks within Maine who made themselves so accessible even while many of them were out of state during the interviews.

If you want a quick synopsis of the Gaspe story, Russ Dillingham's excellent video below is a great primer on the Gaspe' experience.






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