Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok the primaries are over but the news hasn't stopped

What a busy day even two days post election and we are "out straight" so to speak. The biggest story of interest for me today was the change in management at Saddleback which appears to be a friendly transition of power.  I find this story interesting, mainly because I'm a skier, but also because I think highly of Cook personally. He's a real Maine leader in both business and charity and a quiet but thoughtful man who has done a lot for the state and the community in Franklin County. Besides that he's a former Marine and a strong supporter of our veterans and an advocate for healthy outdoor activities for kids. The next big story will be what he does next. IMHO.

Saddleback along with Sugarloaf and Sunday River are among our gems here in Maine for skiing -- some of the best skiing in New England and me thinks the U.S. because I'm biased towards Maine but also because all three of these mountains are very family-friendly and all have outstanding Ski Patrols.  :)



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