Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bud Light Lime? Really? Isn't that what veep drinks or one of those brews? Is that sketchy? #uppercheleonproductplacements

I found it only partially amusing that Rolling Stone is quoting McChrystal saying his favorite beer is Bud Lite Lime?


That seems only slightly implausible to me but wholly possible. A reporter today said that, in the end may be the general's biggest transgression, saying Bud Lite Lime was his favorite beer? Still, what a product placement that is.  I'm not criticizing the general or the beer but just saying. You know.  It's not what you expect the commandos to be drinking. The other interesting part of the story is Budweiser is now more or less owned by a French or maybe Belgium company -- google it -- again just saying. Odd switcheroo in Afghanistan. In the interim the Brits are in charge, which is probably actually not a wholly bad thing -- I wonder what the British dude's favorite brew is?




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