Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wind power from the Gaspe' to Maine. #mepolitics #mewind #greenenergy

We recieved a few messages from folks concerned we hadn't done enough to show the negatives of industrial wind energy in regards to the story of Gaspe' and the update on where Maine was headed. One complaint was the economics of wind energy was fully explored. Sun Journal Staff Writer Kathryn Skelton did an excellent two-part series on this precise issue and several related issues especiall they topic of subsidies for green energy.

You can read Kathryn's stories here and here.


Our weekend report on Gaspe' was meant to show a region that has been dealing with a wind energy build out for the last decade and how that region had become known as a leader in the field contrasted with the where Maine was at in it's efforts to carve out a slice of the green-energy pie.

The weekend stories can be found here and here.   I've recieved a good deal of feedback both positive and negative and also some good ideas for other stories in this genre, if you will.  We owe a great thank you to the people of Gaspe who helped us with this story and also the folks within Maine who made themselves so accessible even while many of them were out of state during the interviews.

If you want a quick synopsis of the Gaspe story, Russ Dillingham's excellent video below is a great primer on the Gaspe' experience.






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