Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A big Maine news day for sure

Today was truly a big news day here in Maine. Especially at our statehouse but around other parts of the state as well. So far no swine flu here but some cases identified in nearby Nova Scotia and not too far away in Quebec. Great comprehensive story here from Canada's Chronicle Herald newspaper. A legislative committee in Augusta cleared the way for Maine to become the fifth state to legalize gay marriage and we learned of a bear sow and her year-old cubs, which were raiding bird feeders and had to be entered into the state's bear relocation program in an attempt to save the animals from being sent to a zoo or a worse fate. Also lots of brush fires sparking up around the state with a hot sunny April day reaching into the 90s. Lawmakers also banned outdoor smoking at State Park Beaches today. You can see a Sun Journal twitter poll on the issue and vote on it yourself here.

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