Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Onward and upward

The march forward isn't always so direct but steadily we gain ground.
That's a bit how it feels these days, the holidaze and the aftermath, along with the realization that winter is here can lead to a motivation deficit, personal and collective.
As we head toward the second month of 2010 we've got some substantial projects brewing including some big investigations that will cover a whole bunch of ground, and recharge our ambitions.

Meanwhile, we are field testing a variety of new technologies for online communication as well as in-the-field digital news gathering. Like using the iGoogle blogger ap to publish from my iGoogle home page, as with this post.

We are rapidly adding to our capacity to collect and display a variety of meaningful content for our readers as well as expand the story for news junkies -- that we hope will pay off.

Many in the business are also hopeful the revenue side of the news is going to pick up again in the weeks ahead.

So despite some recent technical hurdles we've faced and the post holiday and mid-winter doldrums we march on optimistically with a renewed sense of purpose.

Journalism lives.

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